Better Digital Education

Net-Texts makes it easy for a school or district to replace textbooks with a multimedia curriculum based on OER. Save money on textbooks for years to come, by updating your Net -Texts courses with new material at any time.

“Net Texts gives teachers the infrastructure to push courses out to their students, and allows students to easily interact with the materials.”

Dennis Villano
Director of Technology for Burlington Public School District


Zero Cost

Eliminate textbook upgrade costs by having the latest information immediately available for students.


Standards Alignment

All material is directly aligned with the Common Core standards, ensuring students are being taught what they are expected to learn.



Choose material for individual classes, or design entire curriculums. Net Texts scalability allows you create a solution fit to your school.

Getting Started

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Simply create an account by filling out personal details, and choose subjects areas that are most fitting to your curriculum.

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Sift through a multitude of pre-created courses and collections to find what fits your classroom best.

Customize your Lessons

Find items in our database to best support your curriculum. Search by subject, item type, grade level and Common Core State Standards. Create and add your own videos, lectures and readings.